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Heating Services in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois and the Surrounding Areas

Affordable Heating Services

Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning is dedicated to delivering high-quality heating services in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois at a price you can afford! Repairing or replacing the furnace does not have to break your budget, and you do not have to settle for second-rate services! No matter what your needs may be, Kelly has a professionally trained and licensed technician to handle the job with expert hands and genuine concern for your comfort. Our award-winning customer service, installation, and service departments are available to you around the clock for everything from heating repair and maintenance checks to boiler and furnace installation.

New Furnace Installation & Sales

Heating Services in Eastern Iowa and Western IllinoisLooking for a new furnace? If so, you came to the right place! Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning understands that investing in a new heating system is a big decision, and we want you to make the right choice! Our Home Comfort Specialists will guide you through the heating installation process and help you choose the perfect Amana® furnace for your heating needs. Our heating systems were built to deliver dependable performance and economical warmth at a budget-friendly price! From efficiency ratings up to 96% AFUE to a plethora of innovative features, there is much to consider when purchasing a furnace, but Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning makes it easy! Click to view our furnace models, their specifications, and features. Click for Amana  York Products.

Furnace Repair

Heating Services in Eastern Iowa and Western IllinoisNo matter what your experiences may have been in the past, furnace repair does not have to be an inconvenience when you choose Kelly! We are Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois’ leading heating repair company, and we promise to be there for you when you need us most! That is why we offer 24-hour furnace repair services every single day of the year throughout Eastern Iowa with a guaranteed two hour response time! With Kelly, you will never pay more for after-hour Heating Services in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois because we never charge extra for nights, weekends, or holidays! Do not wait to restore comfort in your home, and contact our friendly customer service representatives to schedule your furnace repair now! Contact Us

Furnace Cleaning & Maintenance

Heating Services in Eastern Iowa and Western IllinoisTaking care of your furnace is more important than you may think! Furnaces that suffer from frequent failures and inefficient performance are typically those that have not been properly maintained by a trained professional. A thorough check from Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning certified technicians could be just what your furnace needs to get back on track. Take advantage of Heating Services in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois and protect your heating system from unwanted breakdowns and high utility costs all winter long. Contact Us


Heating Services in Eastern Iowa and Western IllinoisSpace heating energy costs account for roughly 25-30 percent of the total energy costs for a typical commercial building in the area. High-efficiency boilers can reduce heating costs by 10 percent and in many cases by as much as 20 to 30 percent. The best tip we can give Iowa and Illinois homeowners is to have a tune up service or preventive maintenance performed on their heating system to keep operating cost low. When your boiler starts giving you trouble, call Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning. Our boiler repair team responds quickly and professionally to all home heating repair calls. We enjoy our work and it shows! We look forward to welcoming you as a customer and being your preferred repair company whenever you have a boiler problem in your home. Contact Us

Radiant Heat

Heating Services in Eastern Iowa and Western IllinoisIf you are looking for an alternative to conventional heating, then you may want to look into radiant heating. Radiant heating has a number of advantages. It is more efficient than baseboard heating, in addition, radiant heating systems are installed into floors, walls, and ceilings there is no mechanical contraption taking up square footage in your home. Radiant heating systems are usually more efficient than forced-air heating because it eliminates energy loss from ductwork. Despite its name, radiant floor heating depends heavily on convection, the natural circulation of heat within a room as the air warmed by the floor rises. Ceramic tile is the most common and effective floor covering for radiant floor heating because it conducts heat well and adds thermal storage. When you are ready to change the way you keep your home warm in the cold months call Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning. Contact Us

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